Understand your customers faster and deeper than ever before.
Stop assuming, start acting.

For customer-obsessed teams to empower decision-making in your organization, whether you’re a team member or a seasoned leader.

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Your simple and proven toolkit for leading happy hybrid teams.
All in Slack.

Whether you’re a new team lead or a seasoned leader, connect, motivate and support your remote team in just 3 minutes per day.

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Yes there's a lot of AI, LLM, and NLP but that's not the point.

From feedback to stories to data you can trust.

Stop building the wrong things.

Meet better roadmapping that is actually aligned to your customer. Quantify customer needs to more objectively understand their impact and importance.

Ask (in plain English)
and you shall receive
(also in plain English).

Ask questions as you would ask them to your Head of Research and get insights based on your qualitative customer feedback (not on biased opinions).

On-demand coaching:
cultivate growth

One DM away, confidential and anonymous. You and your team can DM work-related questions (how can I better craft this piece of feedback? I'm feeling burnt out. My team is struggling to meet goals...) and we support you and your team with in-real-time, actionable coaching.

All of your insights under one roof.

Connect to all of your existing qualitative insights sources to see the whole picture.

Feel Good Folder ↓

Every employee
made visible

Empower your team to capture and share their wins, shoutouts, and accomplishments widely so they never get lost behind the screen. A searchable company hub that allows everyone to get the recognition and career growth they’re looking for. More than a title on an org chart.

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Get set up in minutes πŸ‘‰

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Unlock the full potential of your entire team

When everyone can make decisions based on unbiased customer feedback


Head of Product

"We were able to iterate faster with more precise customer feedback, leading the whole team to get things right."


Director of Marketing

"We're now able to more deeply understand our customer's journey and can market more effectively."


Customer Success Lead

"My team is more focused on exceeding customer satisfaction now that they don't need to interpret what they're hearing."

β†’ This is the future of decision-making. πŸš€

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Unlock the full potential of your hybrid team

When remote work works, you…


Retain your top performers

Reward people based on impact rather than time spent or office politics


Attract the best talent

Make your company stand out with the best flexible work culture


Increase engagement & output

Show your team that their work matters to the organization

β†’ This is the future of work πŸš€

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