Automate a weekly routine that
builds team camaraderie!


Installation Instructions 👇

  • Press the “Add to Slack” button in the center of the page.

  • If you’re logged into multiple Slack workspaces, confirm you’re adding Common Code to the correct one. (Check in the upper right corner that you have the correct Slack workspace selected).

  • Click “Allow.”

  • Enter your first name, last name, and job title, and then select your role.

  • Create a channel for your team by typing in the name. Sample channel names:
    #Common-Code-[Your team's name]
    #[Your team's name]-Check-Ins

  • Click “Create Team.”

2.  📣 Give your team some context about this new channel.

  • Tell your team about Common Code and let them know you’ll be alpha testing our app. They can expect to receive DMs from Common Code via Slack and will be prompted through daily exercises (but don’t worry, we’ll never ask for more than 3 minutes a day).

💡Pro Tip: 

  • Consider editing this channel’s description to include your team’s mission/purpose and key results.

  • Why? When a team has a clear purpose and how to measure success, you anchor teamwork and team camaraderie around your team’s why, giving them a compass in good and not-so-good times.

  • E.g. Product Team’s Mission: Bring scalable solutions to our users that will redefine their every day journey.Key Results: 1. Satisfaction survey, 2. Retention, 3. Virality rate

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