Build connection and trust with your remote team in less than one minute a day. cc
All in Slack.

A happier, more bonded team regardless of where people sit.

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It’s not about becoming BFFs with your co-workers.

It’s about connection that fuels a team’s positive day-to-day culture.

As easy as 💚 🟡 🛑

Daily Temp Checks that are quicker than brushing your teeth and deeper than small talk.

When technology genuinely feels better than a human 😊

There’s science and research to back this up, but just imagine a team lead asking their team every single morning: How are you feeling? How are you feeling today? How are you feeling now though?... Yeah, no.

Insights that lead to action 💫 cc

We’ll surface trends and pattern changes so that you can intercept problems before they become problematic (think burnout, lack of clarity, etc.).

One DM away 💬

No appointments necessary: think it, ask it. It’s almost like Descartes wrote this line, but he didn’t.

If it’s a work thing, it’s in our wheelhouse 🤓

No, really… Need career advice? Need help crafting feedback? Just having a bad day and want to vent? We’ve got you.

Confidential + anonymous 🤐

Whatever you say stays with us. Want us to surface something to your boss anonymously? We’ll take care of it.

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What could you actually DM us about though…

Below are some messages we’ve actually received (but without the typos and bad words)

→ This is the future of work 🚀

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This is a very important section, you should really read it.

How It Works

Install our Slack App.

Submit a 💚🟡🛑 emoji with some context each morning that represents how you’re feeling that day.

Read what your team wrote, maybe respond, definitely connect.

“Super human, but not the email app”

→ Freud, we think...

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